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Artbox Singapore

Most of the food and retail stall vendors came from Thailand  (Artbox originated from Thailand, Bangkok)
It was so crowded on a Friday night.
We were having a food hunt here. Ready to burn our pocket...
This bowl of beef meat balls with mashed potato cost $9 ,rating - 4/5 Heart aching as the price kinda over priced, But rather than focusing on the price, indeed the taste was good.  So I don't felt it wasted.
Pork meat linguine $9, rating 4/5
Beef cubes $13, rating 3/5 Totally over priced...
Tom yam fried rice with chicken or pork $9, rating 4/5
Thai Milk Tea $3, rating 5/5
Hokkaido toast $7 for 2pcs, rating: 2.5/5 * I don't think it was authentic hokkaido toast 
Kim Chi hotdog sandwich $8, rating: 2.5/5
Buns for $6 for 3pcs, rating: 2.5/5

there were retail stalls as well

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