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Sunway and KL 3D2N trip
Friday, October 17, 2008 • 12:37 AM • 0 comments
Stan and Mich (inside Coach) and Hotel room"Girls Vs Guys"

Suria Shopping Centre and KLCC twin tower

Chinatown market

After my year 1 final exam, we will be going for a 3D2N stay at sunway pyramid tower that is next to Sunway lagoon theme park. The package also entitled us to have free ticket to the theme and wet park. On the day of departure, we took a coach at 7.45am (bukit panjang plaza)- journey duration is 5 hrs to reach KL, int the midst of the journey, we transferred to a mini van to sunway lagoon pyramid tower hotel. Checked in the hotel at around 2pm, packing and loading down our stuffs inside our room. We flagged a cab to KLCC twin tower and shop at suria shopping centre, also, had our dinner there. Around 6pm, we went to the KLCC shopping centre outside to take some snaps of the twin tower building. It's so hard to capture a nice angle of the twin tower. Finally, we thought of walking to the another side of the building to a far distance. Think around 30meters away from the twin tower building to snap some nice angle of the tower and with our face involving. Haha!! It's such a fun experience! Of course, we didn't stop here and go back to hotel. The night is still young for KL Chinatown night market, we make our spending mostly over there. Some of the item is very common in Singapore but the vendors are hungry vampires, they will "chop" = purposely increase the price of a common item. Happy shopping the whole day, at last return back hotel to bath and Zzz.

1st breakfast a Sunway paramid hotel

Sunway Lagoon Map

Sunway Lagoon @ Wild Life park

Sunway Lagoon @ Extreme park (Moto ride)

Day 2- After a sumptuous Breakfast, we went to Sunway Lagoon (the excitement starts here). We went to check the price outside the sunway entrance but our tour package have already included ticket to wild wild wet and theme park. We added another 3 places - wild life (mini- zoo), Extreme park and scream park. 1st part we went is wild life, then to theme park - in the midst of waiting for the thrill ride, it rains!!Haha we need to wait for the rain to stop to continue the rides. We took some small bites inside sunway but is very expensive. Took some thrill, water and easy rides. Played lots of fun and exciting rides...haha!! wont regret it!!we got our clothes wet but we have bring extra clothing. At 5.30pm, we wanna start to play the water ride but they told us "all rides closed at 6pm" -.-!! dots (sad). Therefore, We left sunway lagoon at 6pm sadly cos we havent play til shiok enough. Went back to our hotel and bath. After our shower, we went to our next door - sunway pyramid shopping centre, and have our dinner there. Shopping, play arcade and watch midnight movie"Printed Skin"

Day 3- Last day at Sunway paramid, had our final breakfast, went explore outside hotel mama's shops and opposite streets for other items. Came back to shop at pyramid shopping centre again and at around 5pm we check out and board the mini van to KL and from change to coach to Singapore.

more photo, do visit here
KL Sunway Lagoon

23rd Birthday @ Sushi Tei
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 • 4:32 AM • 0 comments

CG celebration @ YMCA

Sushi Tei @ vivo city

My Birthday on 15 oct. Older another year and getting more mature.I'm 23 years old now and many people asking me when to get married ... give birth... etc"dot"-.-" sweat. haha! Coming soon but not so quick! Celebrating my birthday with my stan,cell group & family. stanford took me to sushi tei @ vivo city, sometimes wanna ask him that if is vivo city his favourite place for celebration? Ha ha! but i appreciated all of him and others for celebrating my b'day.Thank you!

Pulau Ubin Cycling Trip
Thursday, October 09, 2008 • 11:19 PM • 0 comments

Hurray!! My Year 1 Final Examination Finished! Last paper was 8 oct, so celebrate our hardship by going pulau ubin to ride bicycle. It is my first time going pulau ubin so behaved abit blur and look like "mountain turtle". I meet up with Joyce, Florence and Stan at Tenah merah mrt around noon time. After we met, we took bus no. 2 to changi jetty. Each of us need to pay S$2.50 for per ferry trip. On our way to pulau ubin, one navy police boat came to spot-check on us..."sweat". (checking if any of us is illegal immigration) -God Bless, we're not....Haha!! The navy police left and we continued our ferry journey.

Finally, we reached the island...took a map and started our exposure. Nothing must here to see, as it is all natural scene with oasis forest fragrance all around. Be caution of the down and up slopes, signboard, small insects (e.g spider hanging down on mid air and when u cycle, u will accidentally hit it if u didn't notice) or dogs (around 5 or 6 dogs will form a gang to surround or block ur cycling track, especially when u are happily cycling down the slope).

It's awlsome!! Challanges comes ahead of us...lesson learnt - Focus and look ahead of what's infront of us. Haha!! Great trip...have fun! Will be back again to try the muddy paddy field...yeah!

Monday, October 06, 2008 • 12:02 AM • 0 comments
Introducing my housepet....

His name is "Gatsby" .My 3rd Brother bought it from his friend, i was so happy as i hoped to have a pet - especially a maltase dog...haha!! Very cute but noisy sometimes....

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