Big Splash

In the morning,the sky keep on pouring heavily,not sure whether it will stop or continue...
Our mood will not affected by the weather as later God may stop the rain for us.*(but must pray lar..hehe...cheer)At around 10am, the rain seems to stop....God Bless Us!!! i pick up my Stuff and went out quickly before it rains again.

At 11.15am,i meet up Renee at East Coast Macdonld to hav our breakfast before we had our day.meanwhile, as we are waiting for them to gether up fully,we starts to revise for our exams.When we gethered,we began to play beach ball ;"monkey catching"....lame....!Yong xin.Ronald,Lishi n Shi wei went cycling as we were playing our lamebly games at the shore.Finally,3 of us decided to go to Big Splash n play some sliding....along the way to the pool,i captured some funny shots on both of them.

(pic 1)-renee(front) holding newspaper on her hand n beat/snapper her face,florence(back) holding the radio antenna twisting round n round??????

(pic 2)-Florence sliding down and u saw the circle one is who... ha ha RENEE hide behind there dunno for what.....

(pic 3)-taking myself inside two head behind me.....???who do u think it is when u seem like only 3 of us there.......left-florence,right-renee

A wonderful day today!!!