Cycling at East Coast on National Day

Happy 40th Birthday Singapore!what am i doing that day???ermmm...........haha!went Cycling with my church friends and my beau at East Coast park.Listening to the gentle sea breeze and fines sandy beach reminds me of my carefree day,when I'm in secondary school!!How often we goes to beach or BBQ ,but when times flies;it's a total different world to me.It contains stress,upsetness,unhappiness n sentimental person right!
Wonderful moments run fast,it's evening now,we havin our dinner at parkway parade hawker.meanwhile,we all checking the times if we need rush down to boat quay to catch up with the fireworks show.After dinner,Xian hui n Patrick came and follow us to boat quay to have our show!!at last,we reached Boat Quay but miss the fireworks show! Traffic jam all over tat area n what we can do is to watch on the bus.Eventhough, we couldnt see the fireworks on presence but we also didnt get upset about it.we continued our gaming n chit chatting.........
Pic 1~waiting at Eact coast macdonald for my church friend

Pic 2~me n my beau

Pic 3~at my wanderous beach