Makan Challenge

on th 26 feb,sat,i together with my friends' renee,nick n my bf 'stan playin a "makan" game along orchard road areas.Ha!Ha!we thought is a eating foods games but end up eating those funny things,exp;chilli,tomatoes,apple,lime,sour plum...more,and doing those humorous tasks like skipping,star jump,and approach anyone to entertain n let him/her clap hand.....????blur???!!!haha...but it is fun n can slim down ur shape coz when the beginning of the game we start running til we completed all the 9 station>tirin can u not slim down leh!!starting of the station bad-lucking but after at the last 4 station it changes to a routine tat is near us we make our game faster to complete's a very experiencing.......enjoy it alot..look at our tiring face n expression below!!!tat renee still can smil til so happily