Day to "Escape" theme park!!

Renee had 4 free passes to "Escape theme park" that due on monday,therefore she blessed me with one free entrance n together with my 2 church friends to visit that place on monday.I meet Renee n yongxin up at pasir ris mrt control as me n yuerong will b meeting at hougang 1st.After we met,we'd our lunch at whitesand shopping center,then from the located shopping center ,we walk to "Escape" in time of digestion.Orelse we'll feel like vomitting when we'r playing....At around 2pm,we reach n entered into the park,I'm so amaze n anxious as it's my time going in.(mountain billy!).we took 4 different rides n all of the ride need to wait for an hour due to holiday season.when it's at the 4th ride is nearly 6pm(dinner time).we'r sweating, smelly,wet after all those plays!having a nice thrilling ride with them eventhough it was crowded with people n sunny day...I do enjoy it!

above pic:yongXin,Renee,yueRong
Guess who is the photographer?