Valentine's day @Vivo city "the mussel cafe"

Happy Valentine's day!
In the morning,we need to work,that's very turning off things hai, but when thinking about after work can go out with my dear dear to enjoy our valentine's day that moment...some sweetness came in,inspite of the stress that day.Hurray!It's time to off work!ya!
Alighting at clementi mrt,saw my hubby standing beside the control,surprise that he came and fetch me!:>heee...when we reach Vivo City,he took out a bouquet of teddy bear from his bag...stun a moment(Cant image how he squeezed it into his bag??)...when we reach the restaurant,the scenery of the sentosa attracts us!it's so nice to have a candlelight dinner with the view of the sea.Funniest moment came,we waited for 45mins but our food still havent come,therefore,we call the waitress to made things fast as we're hungry and waited for so long,after that,the 1st dish finally came,that is the soup...waited 45mins jus for that...hmm mayb they wanna the customers to hav a nice talk with their parnter on V'day and appreciate the ambience of that restaurant ,that's why take so long...another 45 mins later..our main course still havent come yet..we felt abit odd as those came later received their main course already.patience running out>>>so we call the same waitress she became confused and blur...send us wrong dish..."sweat"...spending 2 hours plus for 3 items that is soup,main course and dessert.There's actually tea and coffee but think not worth wasting 45 mins again for the drink...haha!It's not me and stan that waited so long...but all the customer there all left before the 1st dish fetch to them..waiting time too long already.It means that we're the most patience customer that waited for 3 dishes then we left the place...remember vividly about how the supervisor anwsered stan regarding the long waiting time ...guess what's he say??5 times of YA =YA YA YA YA YA!Funny right!!