Stan's 23th birthday~ Dear stan B'day!!

My dear~ stan's birthday today! bought for him a 2 sets of "boxer"(cartoon characters).haha!!Intended to go have a feast during our Lunch time break, but never know that our coursemate stopped us and asked to go queentown area and celebrate his birthday. We're shocked!For stan he never expect so many people know today is his birthday & wanna celebrate with him, so he's extremely elated!For me, i thought that is wow! we've thoughtful coursemates & friend.Amazed! Noon time,most of our coursemate went to celebrate his birthday, then in the evening, stan meet his friends and celebrate again. Eaten 2 birthday cakes in a day so i discard the idea of buying his a surprise cake since he'll be getting fatter and fatter if he eat so much...haha:P But on the weekend, i still cooked lunch for him as a bday feast, since the actual day, he's a popular demanding fellow!Haha!!stan's b'day photo