~Japan 7D5N Tour~

Moshi Moshi!
Watashi wa michele's san des, Sorewa nippon ryokou!
7 days and 5 nights staying in distinctive area of central japan that are
 Osaka,Kyoto,Takayama,Mt Fuji and Tokyo.

Here we are in Osaka
Check-in to our hotel room 
Plaza Osaka

Arrival late at night and got to get some night shopping and strolling around the vicinity near our hotel

 The next day
Ohaiyo!! Our simple breakfast

After breakfast, we were ready to set off
really excited about the tour.
waiting for our tour guide outside the hotel

There was a sweet pinky building opposite our hotel

so nice!!

Some of our tour group want to go Universal Studio Osaka
so we follow them down to take a look but didn't get in
Thereafter, we chose to visit some tourist attraction places
Osaka Castle 
There was a long pathway and it took 30mins to reach here
 * when it is cheery blossom season, the trees are full with sakura 

Heritage place
"Osaka Castle"

It's shopping time
Here we are at
Osaka Shopping Street - Shinsaibashi

After shopping, we set off to taking the JR bullet train to Kyoto
before depart, let's grab some goodies
Waiting for the train...why so long
is finally here...

proceeding to Kiyomizu Temple



you can write all your wishes here

 Nice scenery from the hill top

 Dinner Time
Traditional meal. nice
 After our delicious meal
head off to check in our resort
Awara Hotspring Resort
These is our room and now changed to my yukata (bath robe), ready for Onsen (Hotspring)
Relaxing and Soaping in the hotspring...Yeah!


"Behind is the Mount Fuji"

"Tokyo Disneyland"

These is a scenic delight tour package, therefore,mountains,river,rocks of sea erosion and more scenery scenes has been the attraction to my aunt.As for me, shopping attracts me...YA!Finally when we entered to the Osaka shopping st, i'm so elated(as if i never shop before).Ha!!

 The shopping street is really different from s'pore as the teenagers there, dolled up themselve really well! A shirt and a jean are not a match over there at all.All of them, dressed up like going dancing or party.
(If in s'pore, the ppl will said:"Crazy!act cute!").

The dressing culture influenced me of dare to dress up like them and nobody will laugh!It's true!HAHA!!Me , mt fuji resort .When we reach Tokyo, We didnt go tokyo tower as it was not in our itinenary, instead, we went to tokyo disneyland!ho Ho....famous disney characters..took alot of pic inside and we also tried some of the ride there..haha!!the queue was too hoorible le.we spend 8 hrs inside only tried 9 simple rides each took 30-45min of waiting time. those thrilling ride more worst, you need 1 hr waiting time.

These Japan trip is wonderful and i really experience the tradition culture sensation there.I'll go there again.I promise!! HAHA!! have to save $5000 then can go.hai....but gan ba tai(jia you)!!