Chinese New Year Season

It's a season that is very important for every Chinese. Ha!Ha! For chinese, It's not more concern about the public holiday but is the time that we could able to spent with our love ones and family. Chinese new year eve is also known as reunion dinner, for my family, we will toast "Yu sheng" before eating our dinner dish. Hee...

Ready to toast Yu Sheng

CNY day 1, my family went to my grandma's hse and "Bai Nian", in the meantime, i have my lunch and wait for stan to come my grandma's hse to bai nian with my family members. When he reached, we stay for another 2 hrs and then proceeded to his grandma's hse to bai nian also. It was around 7pm when we reached his grandma's hse. After all the house visitation, i went to his house stay.

Auntie's Bee and Uncle preparing for lunch

My Mum relaxing and watching TV