Pulau Ubin Cycling Trip

Hurray!! My Year 1 Final Examination Finished! Last paper was 8 oct, so celebrate our hardship by going pulau ubin to ride bicycle. It is my first time going pulau ubin so behaved abit blur and look like "mountain turtle". I meet up with Joyce, Florence and Stan at Tenah merah mrt around noon time. After we met, we took bus no. 2 to changi jetty. Each of us need to pay S$2.50 for per ferry trip. On our way to pulau ubin, one navy police boat came to spot-check on us..."sweat". (checking if any of us is illegal immigration) -God Bless, we're not....Haha!! The navy police left and we continued our ferry journey.

Finally, we reached the island...took a map and started our exposure. Nothing must here to see, as it is all natural scene with oasis forest fragrance all around. Be caution of the down and up slopes, signboard, small insects (e.g spider hanging down on mid air and when u cycle, u will accidentally hit it if u didn't notice) or dogs (around 5 or 6 dogs will form a gang to surround or block ur cycling track, especially when u are happily cycling down the slope).

It's awlsome!! Challanges comes ahead of us...lesson learnt - Focus and look ahead of what's infront of us. Haha!! Great trip...have fun! Will be back again to try the muddy paddy field...yeah!