N316 Thanksgiving 2008

N316 Thankgiving Party 2008

Every year, my cell group will hold a thanksgiving party for every member. It is one of my unforgetable moment, as i will show gratitude and give presents to the person that had given me lots of encouragement when i'm in my downfall. Thus, you can give without loving but you cant love without giving, Therefore, this year, special thanks to my cell group leaders and also my cell group members for that thoughtfulness and care, they had given to me. God is great that He had placed people in our lives especially during my difficult times to help and give encouragement to me. Thanks for everything!! This year, we don't have pot bless but they had asked my aunte to cook for the thanksgiving party. I helped my aunte in the afternoon for the preparation of food to deliver over my aunte's condo(which holds the thanksgiving party) and i am really busy before that. After all the 8 main course of food had delivered and placed in the condo's function room, We (Me, Stan and Jian mei) then rested and join in the fun games:) cheers.....wonderful tonight!