Godfather in stroke

It was out of sudden when i saw renee's sms me regarding her dad (my Godfather) in stroke and ended up coma. I met up with Jian Mei and went down together to visit her dad after work and then rush down to cell group meeting at somerset. On 12 Jul, I met florence and visit my Godfather again , he was still the same. On 13 Jul, I asked Nick to join us since after all, he also know renee's dad so we went after work and there was a great crowd this time outside the seating area. Seeing renee getting depress and depresser every day, really felt hurt and we all cant do anything to help her. The only little thing we can do is to accompany her and her family. I cried because i really felt upset as my Godfather see me since young so was abit emo, but funny thing is me and renee cried together .....then laughed....Cos too dramatic i guess....or i cried til too funny.....hahaha!!! ZQ was there too and can see from his expressin is -.-!!! dots dots dots!!!.Hahaha!!