KTV on Sunday!!!

Usually I will spend my precious sunday at home- resting, rotting and play with my dog but after since i'm working, my time for entertainment has becoming lesser and lesser so I must find some time to enjoy myself. cheers! I have shifted one of my piano student from sat to sun so it became two students on that day.After my teaching, I went to meet Flor, Winnie and Jacq at plaza sing for dinner.
Initially, we are settled with kbox KTV student rate but when we called them again and found out that it was not worth the price. Unfortunately, the rate turned us down so we decided to have a look at the " Tendollar club " at chinatown which alot of people recommended online. When we reach there, we spend 15mins to look for the place. In the midst of searching the location, we saw a doremon car which was so attention seeking. Took some pics and continue with our KTV searching. when we've reached the tendolloar club, it was crowded and the rooms are small, we have 6 persons but the room they remain only could sit up to 5 persons.
Thus,we went to chinatown partyworld ktv instead! Finally....singing time.

KTV session attendee: Me, Flor, Winnie, Jacq, Dennis and Daniel. We took the package from 7pm to 11pm but we sang til 11.30pm.