2nd time KL Business Trip

This round of my KL business trip, i'm no longer alone.Yeah! I treated Florence for the KL trip as my company send me over for Marketing services. Hence, I asked her to tag along and bless her whole trip as her Birthday gift. So good right!! Her KL trip can considered to be free as flight fare(Pay for her), transport and accommodation I am allowed to claim back from company. Therefore, during the trip, we shared room (dont think anyhow), foods and transport. When we'd touched down on LCCL airport, we went to have lunch and the food at the airport was really unfantastic. Too salty and dried on the chicken..etc..and also expensive RM14.7 (around SGD 7) for a chicken rice. My whole trip was claimable so there wasn't much suffering of heartache when i spend on unreasonable price. We arrived at JW marriot hotel, check in and placed our stuffs.
Our Room
Florence readied for her shopping fantasy and left me alone at the hotel as I need to wait for my HK colleague-Belle. After Florence went off and my HK colleague came, we went to meet the Hotel manager for our next day marketing seminar. At around 5pm, after accompany our director to eat, we're free to go and I accompanied Belle to the KL twin tower as it is her first time to Malaysia. I became her tour guide for 3 hours, introduce and brought her around the vicinity shopping centre, place of interests and others. We didnt bought much as we chatted mostly on our way.
Outside Pavillion Mall

Taking Monorail to KL Twin tower

Waiting for monorail

Finally!! At KL Twin tower - ppl seating around me, best spot for camera!

When i returned back hotel room, I saw Florence's barang barang ( shopping bags) on the sofa...quite alot...wow!!She has been spending alot, I Guessed. haha!! She did enjoy herself based on the amount of stuffs she bought. Cheers...

Sleeping time

The next day, Woke at at 6am and prepared my seminar day. I went down to the hotel conference room and got everything ready.Florence went to watch 3D movie and enjoying herself. The seminar lasted for half day, til 1pm and around 2pm, we checked out the hotel and i went to look for Florence. Shop and bought quite alot of items within 5 hours and at aroung 7plus, we set off to LCCL airport. When we reached, the flight delayed til 10.45pm so we were be in SG at 11.45pm. Safe trip at last....Cheers:)