Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam(10 to 13 July)

we are going to Saigon a.k.a Ho Chi Minh City. A great country filled with historical background especially with deepest memories during worldwar with the Americans. It was great to be with the S.M.J.F travelmates...So excited.

We met at Changi airport to have our morning breakfast !!
 Vietnam here i come!!
Day 1 @ Ho Chin Minh City
At Saigon Airport

Took a Taxi to our hotel
Shocked! so many motorcycle on the road
Finally, we arrived to our "Lan Lan" hotel
the name of the hotel sounds weird
Our hotel room

After Check-in, we walked to Ben thenh Market (Day time)
short chairs and table, as well having our Vietnam Black Coffee
Strolled and explored around the market for 1 hour before process to other places and we've found alot of stuffs on the street...sunglasses, food, snack, wallet vendors...