My Birthday Day Vs BG Exam

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Surprise Bday celebration in office

My birthday cake

Thanks for the gold class movie tickets and card...i love it:)

Actual Birthday day on 15 oct

Stress and slightly happy....exam on my coincidence!! Stressful morning and moodly expression to the exam hall. After exam, Stan bluffed me that he's bringing me for dinner at a very nice and famous restuarant....ended up we heading to " Night Safari Helloween". I was shocked and surprised, he told me that i need to use a towel to cover my face. In my heart " It is so weird! Is there a restuarant need to welcome me in this way?" I just followed his instruction and suddenly a strange voice talking to me...and when the towel was taken off, come horrifying faces infront of me... then i know...i was sabotaged!!

All my cell group members and my eldest brother were there to celebrate my birthday. So touched!

let's go in now!! our Horror B'day Trip

We survived!!

Post Birthday Celebration with Jacqualine @ Sentosa

We had a celebration with my MDIS classmate, wonderful moment that make us so touched!

It's my pleasure and glad that there're a group and many ppl celebrating my bday:)

Thanks everyone for making my birthday memorable and unforgettable one.