1 Day Desaru Trip on 10 Jul'11

Woke up at 5.30am and only slept for 4 hour, I meeting the rest 6.15am at Kranji MRT and the our private mini van will arrive at 6.30am to fetch us. Initially, we have 12 paxs includes me, Stan, Joshua, YongXin, Fang, Zech, ShuFen, Jacq, JianMei, Joyce, Hui Ting and JieBin. Unfortunately, Jiebin left his passport at his friend's car yesterday so we left without him.

I shared taxi with Joshua and Fang since they stay near me. We arrived at 6.30am and at the same time YongXin, Zech and Stan arrived and alighted at the front taxi.

Departed Kranji at 6.45am

We had our breakfast and follow by our first destination is the Desaru Fruit Farm

At their Mini Zoo feeding the goats

Ostrict farm

Desaru Beach (not in the package, the driver is nice to bring us here)

Fireflies cruise (this is fantastic!! Highly recommended)

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