Cell group Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Theme

Fairy tales

We have a skit to play as per group, below is my group and we have to create a story outline which is titled "Bad Romance"

Characters and Roles as on above - From Left to Right

Rachel - Princess Friend

Small Michelle - Fairy

Lisa - Princess Jasmine

Victor - Transformed Princess

HaiChong (My Eldest brother) - Aladdin (Prince)

Big Michelle - Princess Friend

Zech - Stall vendor & Street performer(beggar in a sense)

Skit outline: The Story of Bad Romance

Before the day of marriage with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine met her friends to shop on her wedding stuffs. They went in a stall that has only 3 treasures-shirt, transparent slipper, jewel. The princess bought the 3 items but she was so elated about her wedding day so she gave 2 of the treasure to her friends. On the way back to palace after shop, Princess met Aladdin (husband to be), they showed so passionate and lovely towards each other and this action alert the naughty fairy passed-by.

The naughty fairy tricked the princess with a potion which initially meant to enhance her beauty but it's not!

once she drank it, she will transform to a man princess.

The friends was shocked when they saw her in him, immediately they ran away.

Aladdin came to visit the princess but couldn't recognise her(him). After a romantic and mushy love poetic poem. Aladdin came to realise that he is the princess under curse. He ran away and sobbing along the melodic street without purpose, the beggar was starring at him . Finally, he came to realise that he still love him wholeheartedly even though she became a man. At this point, the naughty fairy is guilty with what she has done, in regrets, she want to compensate to them. She revealed herself to Aladdin and gave him the antidote to retrieve the princess back to original form.

Aladdin horse-ridden to find princess jasmine and passed her the antidote. With love and kisses, the princess transformed back to her original form.


Cell Group W431 Thanksgiving Photo

Our costume on that day

I was awarded the warmth-hearted members

Yongxin Appreciation Gift from Cell group

footprint message

and A pair of Gold Class Movie Vouche

As well, Same with the rest, we all have to select a person in CG to write an appreciation letter of around 200 words to her/him. I have selected Shu Fen.I hope that God blessings will be with her and eliminate her past bad experiences. Ultimately, i'm thankful that God has placed me in this Cell group. For me to learn, growing to be more spiritual yet sensitive to people around me.

Thanks God for the Wisdom and Annointing through out the whole 2011.

Happy 2012 ahead!! Double and triple blessings will come.