Australia - Sydney Day 2

Sydney Day 2
26 Oct 2012
Circular Quay Ferry Terminal

Guess where we are going?
Yes!! To Manly Beach
By-passed Sydney Opera House

and Sydney Harbour Bridge
Here we are .... Manly -> Rudy
Manly Wharf Terminal

Having our Lunch at Nando's * tried in Melbourne and first time in Sydney

Lots of nice and cosy cafe around
Shopping time too
Tempted at all times with Sisca
  Windy and Cold Day
but a nice day to laz around
Thereafter, we came to this cafe
grabbed ourselve a hot chocolate
Cant explain how shiok it was to have hot stuff during cold days....Find it out yourselves then :P
It's time to return back to Sydney main town.
bye "Manly"
Bought our drinks on board
After 30mins of ferry ride
We came back to Circular Quay where we started our journey in Sydney Town
 Spotted Luna Park
Sydney Opera House
Our playmate puppets came to Sydney - Ronkey & Mubbit
Epic - Putting our Lip balm...
Sorry for the interruption

Let's Sing!!!

Mr Conductor - Rudy
and the vocalist - Michelle
***Clap Clap Clap***
Thanks for your attentions and remember to get our debut now!
After our beautiful musical performance, we went to the souvenir shop
It was near to dinner time and we set off to our next destination by walking
on our way, we spotted this lovely purple tree
and we took some nice photo snaps

I also took out my packet of biscuit and started to feed one pigeon. Suddenly, many flew to me.
Da da~! Now the pigeon were gone!
Finally, we reached to our next location
The Rocks

It is actually opposite Sydney Opera House

Our Dinner Place

Pancakes on the rocks
Our dinner today is Pancakes

Hello!! It's cold outside~~
After Night view of Sydney Opera House
On our way back to hostel after dinner
Night view is fantastic
Walking to the subway station
Taking train back
1st time, we took the subway train


We arrive at Central Station
The station is very huge

We had a wonderful day!! Pending more for Sydney Day 3