Australia Sydney Day 3

Sydney Day 3
27 Oct 2012
Port Stephens
Dolphin Watching and Sand Boarding Tour
Beautiful sandy beach at Port Stephens
Nice place to take a morning stroll specially with your special someone
 Looking forward for our lunch
Here we are at "Murrays"
 Any beer at this hour?

Nope for us! have hot coffee instead...
The place was crowded with tourists and locals
Our food are here! Pizza! Delicious and Yummy!
At the corner of the restuarant, you can purchase some of their local handmade products

 Such as
Beer Soap!
Soap with cupcake design 

 as well, honeys and coffee beans

 After lunch, we are on the way to get on cruise for our Dolphin tour!
as we are walking, we saw a solo King Fisher

Bye! See you later!
 Nice weather to cruise out
 Breezy yet Sunny!
Enjoying ourselves on cruise with a cup of tea and coffee while waiting for the dolphins to appear
 Diamond reflective sea sight
*Bling Bling*
Where is the dolphins?
Don't hid away from us...come out please...
After 30mins of waiting, still no sight of those dolphins
Our sailor then released the metal net so that tourist can soap on the sea
Looks Fun!
 We felt too cold to go down the water.
Hence, the best were to keep ourselves warm and dry to avoid getting sick during our trip
 It really looks fun!
Such contradicting
Let's explore the cruise
 Look at what we found on cruise
 " How to identify Shark or Dolphin "
Yup, indeed they look similar and we might mislead dolphin as shark
Here comes the Dolphins
They were so adorable and cute!
From far, we thought they were shark
They only appeared for 5-10mins and disappeared into the sea
But still thank God for the great sight
we enjoyed ourself onboard
Guess where we went next?
Egypt in Australia?
Hint 1 - place with horse
Hint 2 - place with Camels
Hint 3 - desert look alike
Yes! Of course not in Egypt
Purely in Sydney Sand Dune
We were here for their sand dunes boarding

Wiiiiii ~~ Flying ~~
 It was awesomely fun!
 Looks easy?
Try it!
It is easy but scary especially if you are afraid of heights
After 4 to 5 rounds of boarding or Sliding, we felt body aching.
As we need to climb up the sand to the top in order to slide down
It was exhausting...but awesomely good!
 Thereafter, We had a 2 hours ride from Port Stephen to Sydney Town
Felt so exhausted and hungry.
Thus, upon our arrival at Sydney Town, we headed to Darling Harbour Shopping Centre food court and grabbed our dinner there. 

After Dinner, we came to Sydney Convention Centre
 Locating a nice spot for the Firework at 9pm
It was cold but yet it was crowded with people
everyone is waiting for the Firework
9pm Sharp

Firework is available on every Saturday 9pm
Supper Time?
Nope... Replenish our grocery in our hostel
Home sweet Hostel
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