Australia - Melbourne Day 3

Day 3 - 22 Oct 2012

Philip Island Full 1 Day Tour
1st Stop- Winery Tour
Free different range of wine for tasting
Free Wine and Cheese Sampling
Everyone crowded around this cosy area - It's really cold outside!!
It's great to drink wine during autumn season. Warming up your body temperature. 
The Vine

Thereafter, head down to our next destination
During the journey, I've snapped some nice and beautiful scenery
Wow! These was so amazing! nice!

Next Stop - Philip Island Chocolate Factory
Different types of Chocolate!! Yummy Yummy!! Price tagged in AUD
Chocolate Gallery
 I want to eat you up!!
 Having Fun around
Dropped by here for some photo snaps!
Nice Beach

Heading down to a place full of animal!!
 Feeling the Koalabe
As well, the Kangaroo
(Kangaroo: Yeah!! There's food for me..Happy!)
 They are running freely here!!
* Beware of their faeces
 Sadly, the Koala bear was still sleeping. They slept alot and alert for 4hour....So good!!
Their nice and cute retail item for sale!!

Thereafter, It's Dinner Time @ The Fat Seagull in a small town
The foods are deliciously good!!
After being energised, Time to stroll around this little town and enjoying the moment
Few snaps outside the restaurant
Playing with the pigeons
Visit the Philip Island sunset!!
Our last stop - Penguin Parade
Do take note that photo taking are prohibited in this premises
Sadly no picture taken here
Remember to bring a blanket or thick jacket. It's was windy and the temperature dropped at night.
After an hour of waiting, the little penguins known as the blue penguins appeared.
They are so small and tiny, cant even see them from far!!
They were come up to the shore and head down to their breeding area.
No touching or feeding is allowed!

It's night time and need to travel back to our Hostel!!
To be continue - Melbourne Day 4