"My Birthday"

Birthday celebration with Cell Group
13 October,Saturday

I want to thank all my cell group members of forming my chinese name, so creative and love the idea during the presentation.
Thanks my brother and Liu Xiang who make it so special for me.As well their handmade birthday card and present. Really appreciated it!

Birthday celebration with Dear Rudy
15 October, Monday
(Actual day)
  Early in the morning around 10am, he came to my house to surprise me. He pass me a bouquet of pink roses, birthday card and a box of present. Romantically, he gave me a small pouch where inside are locations of where to go today. It is all depend of which located I've randomly picked. * So Sweet* 
1st Pick - Sentosa 
Taking photos here and both of us felt like a tourist. Yeah! Got another present from Rudy

2nd Pick - Minds Cafe @ Princept Street
After playing 2hours of boardgames, got another present received - The Rabbit

Thereafter, we heads off to have dinner, but Mr Rudy does not want to tell me where we are going...secretive...
We came to Clarke Quay and went to a restaurant called " Zero Zero "
The ambiance was good and night scenery of Singapore River in Clarke Quay was awesome. 

The food was great, the portion is just nice. 
All food became tasteful because of him.Yeah!

The restaurant provided a complimentary birthday cake for me. It was so nice of them.
I love the whole presentation and can still remember that the staff sang me birthday song. It was so embarrassing yet sweet in my heart. 
I want to thank my dearest Rudy who planned all this during my birthday and make it so memorable.
Indeed, I'm really touched and felt love for what he had done.
Love You Rudy!

Birthday Celebration with All the Octobies 
16 October, Tuesday
Jacqueline(Actual birthday) and Kayleigh
Exchanging each other present and wishing happy birthday, sounds weird but we did!! haha
Birthday celebration with SOT recess partner 
17 October, Wednesday
Enjoy the fellowship with all of you and most of all, thanks for remembering my birthday.
I love the present and handmade card (make by Arielle). 
Having Fun and Chatting with them....

This is for all : Thanks everyone who contributing their effort and time to make my day happy and enjoyable.