2D1N Kukup Cell group Retreat

Day 1
Meeting venue @ Kranji Mrt Station
W431 - 17 members in total strength
We are sharing a 45 seater bus with another church group! They are friendly and we're having fun during the journey to Kukup!

Here we are in Kukup
View from out chalet

We were need to walk pass Kukup Village Market before getting to our chalet

Now heading to have our sumptuous lunch, we're too hungry so didnt take the dishes.
The dishes they'd provided are quite good - prawns, crab, fish, vegetables, meat.

After Lunch, I tried the bubble tea at one of the stall along our way back to chalet.
 It was nice and not expensive * Must Try *
Everyone were discovering the stalls over here, There were some local snacks, fruits and even stalls that sells Fireworks, Kong Meng Lantern and some of our childhood toys. 

Finally, our warmly chalet * Check-In *
unload our bags and having our free KTV session...Yeah!
Some supportive audiences below
enjoying the free beverages provided behind them at the same time
This is our colorfuly room!!

4pm - 1 hour of Devotion Session
Bringing Cell Group Meeting to Kukup
 So fast! Sunsetting

Enjoying the Sunset

After the BBQ Dinner,
Everyone were so excited about the chinese culture of "lighting of Kong Meng Lantern"
 It was my first time trying as well and sounds fun! Indeed was fun!

" The procedure of lighting Kong Meng Lantern "
1. Writing all your dreams, visions and wishes on the lantern * Remember to bring marker
2. Carefully light up the candle * Dont burn your own lantern
3. Release after the lantern and lifted on its own 

The highest its goes, the desires of what we'd written on the lanterm will be come to past!

Thereafter, we had a KTV session til midnight 2-3am -.-" sweat

Day 2
Morning Breakfast!! Selamat Pagi!
Heading off to Boat Rides 
along the way, we're imaging ourselve in the olden 70s

At the Kelong
 Our tour guide is an 9 years old boy who introducing the group this rare crayfish.

Thereafter, we came back to land and shop around
 Bought some childhood stuffs:
Blowing bubbles and elastic plastic ball

Packing up and ready to back SG
but along the way, the tour guide bought us to a shopping centre

thereafter, we required to have a drop off at city square JB to have our last stop.
 It's a wonder trip!!
For more photos : Kukup Trip
Information about out tour : Kukup Trip Agent


Unknown said…
"Some supportive audiences below
enjoying the free beverages provided behind them at the same time"

Did they get to sing too?? :P
michelle said…
They just listened...haha...but they sang during the night session...