Pulau Ubin on Christmas Day

It's a special Christmas where we visited Pulau Ubin. 
An island which belongs to Singapore.
Took a 25mins ferry from Changi to Ubin 
Per way ferry fare is SGD2.50
There're lots of bicycle rental and few coffee shops.
Decide to have our lunch in one of the restaurant with Rudy's friends before we start our journey

It's a great place to cycle and enjoying the nature
* However, always beware of mosquitoes and spiders, prepared your insect repellent and always be alert of hanging spider ( in the middle of the road)
 Touring around Ubin
 While exploring, saw this heart shaped leaf.
Here we are in the forest!
 After a long day here, it's time to go back Singapore land!!


Unknown said…
Hmm, I myself have never been there. I guess I should visit it too one day.
Btw, I think mosquitoes in Indonesia fly faster than mosquitoes here :P :P:P
michelle said…
You should:)
Haha!! When I went to indo, the mosquitoes are quite mild. not like here. They create dengue fever. :P anyway, jus put on yout insect repellent