Chinese New Year Season 2013

8 February, Friday
Tossing of Yu Sheng "Lo Hei" with CG at Jus Acia
 9 February, Sunday (Lunar CNY)
Tossing Yu Sheng with my Family

Painted my nail during night time...ready for next day house visitation

10 February, Sunday (CNY Day 1)
 Relative house visitation
My new clothes- Red long sleeved top " Heng! Heng! "

11 February, Monday (CNY Day 2)
 Jacqualine & Hui Ting's house visitation
Evening Steamboat at my house
New clothes -Sweet Floral Dress( bought from Australia)

12 February, Tuesday (CNY Day 3 )
Winnie's house visitation & Steamboat dinner
New clothes -Sweet Pink Dress (Bought from Australia)
17 February, Sunday (CNY Day 8)
 Hwee Soon, Jian Mei & Shu Fen's house visitation
During CNY, you will tends to increase weight by eating and drinking...need to control
 Playing Games and Chitchatting
Total Ang Bao (Red Packets) collected!!