SOT Mission Trip to Jarkata - Team 1

First time went for missionary work! It's a great experience with all the team mates!

 Day 1
Everyone so excited!! Some singing " I will fly high " on plane...
Arrived in Jakarta around evening, visited GPDI Gideon and Karmel church before head off for dinner.

Everyone busily tagging WiFi and using hand phone during dinner time.
Mission Trip Plan: divided into 2 groups ( GPDI Gideon & Karmel)

Day 2

Early in the morning around 6am! hardworking team mate - Brenda, Phebe, Tracy and Si Ling preparing their preaching script in our cozy little apartment ( Girl's Bunk). Everyone looking so stressful!
Me too can sense it!and around 6.45am - Everyone get ready to go! Mission begins

I'm posted to "GPDI Karmel" The Church that Rocks..yeah!

Mission #1- Last minute send to preach in a company
So stressful as I didn't prepare anything during previous night. Really by God's grace, within 2 hours, I've managed to write out a preaching script for the company. It's really the word of season to the company and may the word of God bless all of them.I want to thank my buddy Rui Xiang who was there with me.Cheers.Thanks for your accompany.Yeah!

Mission #2 - House visitation
We're divided into smaller group - visited church members' house and pray for them.
Entering into a narrow pathway, this is the entrance to the slam area. when I saw their living condition, I am counting how fortunate and blessed are we to stay in Singapore. The living conditions there is really bad.

Thereafter,we visited an old grandmother house, I was very touched and teared as I can senses that she really carries strong faith in God to heal her cancer. Unfortunately,the cancer relapse and she is troubled yet with full faith.
 She said " if God can heal me once, He can heal me again"
When I heard this sentence, my eyes became teary and my heart is really touched!

Lesson learnt: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul! Don't just say it but prove it!

We visited 3 more houses - mostly praying for physical healing, family harmony and in finances.

Day 3
Mission#3 - More house visitation
A memorable experience for me was that we visited a strong aura house.
*Evil Aura*, as we prayed, my hair stood up and I felt that something strange in the house.

Thereafter, we went to pray and bless a new born baby! May the Love of God shower unto this little one. That he may grow up to be someone successful and also love God wholeheartedly.

Mission #4- Relax time
(Makan Time)with Phebe, Marcus and Aloy!!

Day 4
Mission #5 - Preaching offering sermon in GPDI Karmel church
Our last night in Jarkata and I want to thank God for making everything possible and sucessful. Mission Trip Completed!!

GPDI Karmel
Miss you all!! God loves U and I love U too!!

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