Valentine's Day

 I'm kinda sad when you cant celebrate this day with the person you loved.

It's alright as I know everyday is valentine's day for us

During lunch time, i got a call from a lady 
She said there's a delivery for u.
 I thought is for my company so i ask her to call my colleague to declare the items since I'm having my lunch.
She told me she got lots of delivery to make so ask me to collect it quickly.
Hence, I rushed my lunch and met her. To my surprise, the delivery is a bouquet of red roses.
I'm thinking, it might be for my boss and I've to collect it for her since we have the same name.

When I glared through the sender name, it's from Rudy. 
Then I realised, it is for me!
*Happy! Happy!*
 I love it!
 Evening time, I meet up with my girlfriends for dinner

and heading to watch " Ah boy to men part 2 "
It will be best if you have watch " Ah boy to men part 1 " before you go for the part 2
 The theme songs are nice
Listen here
 Thereafter, everyone return home
Rudy has passed me a box that I'm only allow to open during valentine's day
 When I open, tear drop from my eyes.
 Inside the box is all my favourite stuffs and foods.
A message card too.
 My Favorite is still this! Simple but yet with the most effort!