Bedok Market Place - Simpang Bedok

This is a special hawker center

It might look nothing special
Similar with all those hawkers center
 but when you look closely, it is different!
some stalls' signboard have a bible verse on it
(Zoom In)

There is a weekend flea market
Items are quite cheap
 Wah!! They have convert the hawker into retail shops
 so unique
 Found something interesting
 It's a bar
 Bar in hawker center?
Yes, you are right!
Nice Sofa!!
Can you believe it that we'r in a hawker centre?

 Nice and there is free music
of course, not from my ipod
This is the bar
Some nice melody coming some where....
Very nice voice!
Most of the song, they sung it so well!! Clap clap!!
Majority of the songs are oldies but is nice and smoothing especially listen during the night time.
 Dedicated a song for my church group.
"Fly me to the moon"
Preview them
(There's a little dancing in the clip)


Unknown said…
Wah, where is this hawker center? Bedok?

Btw, Michelle, I tried to click the zoom in photos to see the Bible verses. However, there was no response when I clicked it...
michelle said…
Hi Jefri, the bible verse is John 3:16

You may want to visit that area:) is near to tenah merah mrt station instead of bedok