Relaxing Sunday

Kinda crowded on Sunday late afternoon
We were happy to get a little corner of ours and enjoying a cup of lovely cappuccino.
~Way back into love~
As well our tagger of the day
 "Miss Little Pink"
Indeed, she is enjoying herself by slipping our coffee and reading book 
Even though, the cafe is not very big but it is kinda cosy
My little cup of coffee
 usually, most of the cafe is noisy but this one is different
The environment is serene
all of them spoke softly as most people are reading books or magazine
Great place to study and doing school projects.
Got our study-kit
Chinese and Bahasa language learning session
It was almost 8pm when we left the cafe
Empty by now
Dinner time
As we walked along Gallery Hotel
We found this small authentic Japanese restaurant
Sapporo Ramen Miharu
This place is located at Gallery Hotel, level 1, at the side of the hotel.
Not much visible as it was hidden by some plant and tree
 The interior makes me felt that we were both in Japan

There are no salmon don or sabu sabu
Just mainly noodles and sides
The price is around $13-$16 for per bowl
Special miso based soup noodle with pork
Fish based soup noodles with pork
They serves the famous brand of noodles in Japan
popular for its most appetizing and scrumptious taste
Overall for me, the taste and portion is good.


Unknown said…
Chinese Made Super Easy????
I gotta read that book tooo!!!!! :P :P
michelle said…
you can ask Rudy to lent you