SOT Ladies' Outing

Saveur @ Far East Plaza

 It's a crowded Wednesday
 Finally, we got our food after 15mins of waiting
Nice service and friend staffs

Our Orders
Starter and Side
Saveur Pasta - this is really good!
 Main Course
Chicken and Duck

Dinner time! Having Saveur signature dish - Duck
Must Try!!
 At last, ladies meet up!

 Thereafter, we have some girls talk at TCC
 Tempting desserts
 the outer court is nice!! Love the furnishing...
 It's very stuffy and humid outside, therefore, we prefer with air-con
The inner court - So crowded at this hour. It was nearly 11pm.
 Enjoying the fellowship and catching up session.
 Mango and Mangoteen Tea
smoothing the lungs and calming your mind
 It is delicious!
middle layer coated with ice-cream...
Nice...hard to describe!Worth Trying!
It's near mid-night and let's go home!
Having a wonderful time with the girls and let's meet up again soon.


Unknown said…
I happened to know Mei as well.
I didn't know she was your SOT mate :D