Labour Day - Cafe Explore

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Nothing special??
From outside, it looks nothing or normal
but....inside is....
It's a Cafe!!
We went on Labour day, it was crowded with people
Never judge a place by the decorations
The moment you step-in, the coffee aroma was so strong that it tempted us for a cup.
Coffee and Brunch Menu
Grabbed a table finally
Get your beans here!! Coffee Beans...It's special!
Let's order...cant wait
Must Try! Raspberry Muffin
Superlicious! The taste suits me!
A cup of Espresso with milk
The coffee was great...the fragrance lingers in our mouth.
Special Guest below: Yummy Yummy!! I love it too!


Unknown said…
Isn't the muffin portion too big for the bear? :P :p
Rudy said…
She posed only, only eat the raspberry hehe