Relax Saturday Noon at Arteastiq

Celebrating our Monthly-versary
Mandarin Gallery Orchard
 Let's see what they serve?
They serve Tea, Brunch and Dinner set as well.

Impressive cages decorations
It is well furnished with colorful and Victorian style seating.

 Irresistible for some photo snaps
*Great recommendation*
 Pamelo Tea (Must Try) at $11
Rudy tried Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry Tea at $11
Good for health! Try it out!
Brunch is served at $12.90 per set
Yummy Yummy
 This is good!

 Nice place for couples
 Do come early as it is very crowded especially if you are aiming for the window seats
Little bear friends which tagged along
There is an Art Gallery located next to the Cafe
 Shall try this out for our next visits
Tips* best time to visit the cafe is during brunch time if you want to take a nice shot* 
Overall ambience: 8/10 (most of the time is crowded)
Food experience: 6/10 (consider in an expensive range)


Unknown said…
"Little bear friends which tagged along"

Eh, I did not see the bunny and monkey before?? :P :P