Cafe Explore at Mu Parlour and Dinner at ChongQing Streamed Fish

Mu Parlour @ Holland Village
Amazing Interior Design! 
It is a great place for tea party and ladies' brunch.
As well, a place to date with my beloved Rudy....
Dessert Time
Lavish your noon time with this yummy Cheese Cake $8
and Raspberry Mousse Cake $8
Sweetest that you cant resist!
Reading section for everyone

You can see the Holland Village Town from the Cafe

We had a wonderful moment together
Thereafter, we took a walk around the vicinity
Dinner Time!
If you like Spicy food and fish!!
This is the place for you
ChongQing Streamed Fish
located at Liang Seah Street, Bugis
There are 2 kinds of favour " Mala & Fragrance Spicies "
Regular size at $30
Shiok! Must try!


Unknown said…
That blue bear... does it belong to Rudy? :P

michelle said…
It still belongs to mine lar