Short Trip Getaway - Batam 2D1N

Free & Easy Batam 2D1N Getaway

Day 1
We took a 5.40pm ferry from Harboufront Centre to Batam Centre
The ferry fare cost us $37/pax for 2 ways, It is quite a good deal as it is usually $42 for 2 ways.
(check out the deals here - Ferry Tickets)

Upon arrival, we took a 10-15mins taxi ride to reach our Hotel
Gideon Hotel
It is at S$38 - S$50/night
 (price differ between wkday and wkend) 
(check out the deals here - 2d1n Batam Package)

The hotel is clean and spacious
We love the bed!
It is so comfortable!

Check out Gideon Hotel triple room

After check-in, we were starving for food and went opposite the hotel to hunt for our dinner
we found a food court across the street.
A2 food court
(Those outdoor seafood stalls only open at night)
It was just opposite our hotel,very crowded at night
and there were quite a spread of food varieties:
Our dinner
Salted egg Crab
Egg Tofu
Sting Ray
Cereal Prawns
Everyone were happily eating
Total spending was around SGD$5 per pax inclusive of drink.

Thereafter, we went to the BCS shopping center next door for KTV session

The staffs were friendly and they gave us member rate.
We sang for 2 hours and was charged at SGD$1.5/pax
That's really worth!
We sang until past midnight and still not enough!
Supper Time!! Junk Food Party in hotel room!!
Snack and items bought from JC supermarket! it was really cheap.
Facial form is less than SGD1

Day 2
Selamat Pagi!
Here we are at the hotel breakfast area!
The breakfast wasn't that fantastic and food range were very limited.
Nevertheless, we tried to have some before our shopping trip
you may go to the indoor A2 hawker or coffee shop to enjoy your breakfast instead

Tried their Bak Tuk Teh

After food, you may walk around the hotel vicinity.
Nearby the hotel, there were few shops along those short houses facing shopping center providing massaging service which was cheaper than Gideon hotel.
(around $20 and below for 1 hour massage service)

As well, another side of short house facing hotel
We discovered some interesting shops which you wouldn't want to miss.
By one glance, we thought that the area has nothing much to walk or see. But we were wrong....
We found shop selling and supplying Hello Kitty plushies, toys, ladies accessories and wedding stuffs.
Signboard wasn't that fantastic or obvious of what they are selling.
And also dried snacks and their local delicacies.
Thereafter, we went to the shopping center that we'd went last night
Batam City Square

A good place to shop compares to Nagoya and Batam Centre.
Items are selling cheaper and the clothes are more fashionable
As well, there is lots of unauthentic bags selling at the centre.

After 3hours of non-stop shopping, our legs gave up.
We went to coffee town to have a drinks and as well resting our legs
After our tea break, we went back to check-out our hotel room 
and went to Batam Centre to continue our final shopping trip.
It was around 2pm and we had A & W for our lunch

 Home sweet home to Singapore.
do visit Batam 2007 & Batam 2016