Beauty corner - Essential Sleeping Hair Mask

 Often when you are sleeping,
 tossing and turning causes your hair to rub against the pillow, creating Pillow Friction.
Pillow Friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles. We call such hair damage caused by Pillow Friction as Pillow Damage. As a result of Pillow Damage, you wake up the next day with frizzy, unmanageable hair like a lion's mane. This is commonly referred to as bed hair.
Below criminal records are best describe of my hair condition.
Indeed, to solve this problem, people usually have no choice but to wash their hair in the morning. washing hair helps to "resets" the uneven alignment of hair cuticles and makes hair smooth and manageable again. However, by having to wash hair in the morning, one has to wake up earlier and sacrifice beauty sleep.
An alternative solution is to apply Essential Sleeping Hair Mask.
 This treatment milk acts as a Sleeping Hair Mask for night use. It is non-greasy and invisibly light.
It intensively repairs and protects hair from ‘pillow damage’ while you are sleeping.
Keeping your tresses beautifully soft and healthy.
Day 1 - Night
Going to Sleep without applying the sleeping mask
Day 2-  Early Morning
My hair in a mess when I woke up even after combing.
The bottom became wavy and frizzy.
 Day 2 - Night
 My hair is still in a mess
 Going to try the sleeping hair mask before going to bed.
 I've squeezed a handful amount as shown on the picture above.
It has a milky and non-greasy texture which enable instant absorption to the hair strand. Moreover, it has an amazing function which is to form a protective layer between each of my hair strand and pillow, protecting my hair cuticles from pillow friction while tossing and turning during the night.
It has a sweet fruity fragrance, best aroma to coax me to sleep.
Wondering what will my hair turns out the next morning?
Let me leave it on throughout the night.
Lights off! Good Night My Friends!
Day 3 - Morning
Good Morning Everyone!
 Brand new morning, brand new experience!
My hair turns out to be more manageable.
Less frizziness and it does not tangled up and form knots when I tried to comb it. 
*Thumb up for it*
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