Australia Melbourne & Sydney trip * Special Edition for Ronkey & Mubbit

Australia Melbourne & Sydney trip
* Special Edition *
Ronkey & Mubbit
First time taking plane
Gonna be a great experience!
Wow!! got entertainment and nice scenery above ground
The story of Ronkey and Mubbit on their way for honeymoon
Playing with each other during the 6 hours journey
Finally, we are here in Melbourne.
both rejoiced upon their arrival
Well-geared up for autumn season
Let's have fun!
Beautiful and vibrant city
first stop - Federation Square
beside Yarra river
Let's walk around
Mubbit noticed something beautiful
Pretty flowers everywhere.
But in Ronkey's heart, the one and only flower
Ronkey: "Flower for my beautiful wife"
Mubbit: "Thank you my darling "*feeling so sweet*
Melbourne Day 2
Paying a visit to Tudor Village
They were curious as there is no villagers around the vicinity.
Their houses were so big and spacious
Confessing to have a big house of ours in Singapore
Nearby the village, there're mini flowers laying on the field
enjoying ourselves
Sweet moment together
Melbourne Day 3
Winery Tour on the way...
Beautiful skies and clouds brightened up our holiday
At the vinery
PS*Animals are against alcohol testing
Ohhh... no wine for us.
Epic- Just for laughter
Ronkey: Mubbit, will you marry me?
 Let Mr Mango be our witness of our love pledge
Mubbit: Sweating* eee...Yes, I do...hmmm
but isn't it better if you could ask Mr/Mrs. Moo Moo to be our witness instead
Mr/Mrs Moo Moo as per below picture
Melbourne Day 4
The Great Ocean Road
Playing and singing along on board all day long
we still have a long way to go
Such a beautiful sandy beach.. Wow~
After a long long drive, we've arrive at the most famous station along the Great Ocean Road
Twelve Apostles

Snap Snap Snap
hmmm where is the Jesus's twelve apostles? didnt see them....strange...
Last day in Melbourne
Lunch at Nando's... Yummy (Taste of chicken)
after lunch, we head off for last minute shopping
Ronkey calling out loud:" Mubbit, Mubbit where are you?
She has gone disappeared into this shopping district.
Must be crazily shopping around.
 ~~~~~~~~Flying to Sydney~~~~~~~
Sydney Day 1
Finally, we are here at Sydney Opera House
Let's hold a concert here
La La La....Lo Lo Lo
Happy little monkey and rabbit!
As well, Sydney Harbour Bridge
Our pleasure to be here
Next, we came to Queen Victoria Building
Suddenly, heard of nice and soothing piano play
Enjoying and resting ourselves after a whole day of travelling.
Sydney Day 2
Guess where are we going?
So excited
Here we are at
Hunter's Valley Garden
This is the place where animals love it most
 Trees, flowers, plants and people
The Nature
feeling great!
Found a heart-shaped flowers
Isnt's we look cute and sweet?
Oh No! Which way shall we go?? Left or Right??
Right hand side
we've found this initial " R" = Ronkey
Left hand side
We saw ths fairy tale book garden
Let's visit our friends
Ginger's Breadmen

Christmas Tree! Christmas is coming soon
Wishing everyone a warm early greeting from us
" Merry Christmas "
now on the way back to city
bye nature.....miss you.....
Last day and night in Sydney
Final station at Sydney Tower
Nice night scenery
Take care everyone, this is end of our honeymood trip
Will continue to work hard selling more bananas and carrots so that we can go for our
2nd holiday trip.
Bye Bye! Kisses from Mubbit