Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore

How to get there?
Easiest way is to take train to Harbourfront MRT station
From the shopping center (Vivo city) level 3, take Sentosa monorail express to Imbiah station
*Please note that monorail charges is at SGD$4 per pax/admission. 
Once you alight at Imbiah station,walk and take the escalator up the hill. 
It is around 5-10 mins away from the station.

There are 2 types of ticket price available: Individual or Combo 
Individual is purely for single attraction and Combo package which inclusive of Madame Tussauds and Image of Singapore or other attractions in Sentosa.
(Lowest available at $32 for online purchase only)
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Start off with a boat ride to have a glance through of the iconic places in Singapore
Such as MBS
 Merlion and Garden by the Bay
After the boat ride, we proceed to have fun taking photos at the photo shoot booth
To those who do not know or not quite sure about Singapore history
Firstly, Let me introduce our founding father of modern Singapore
Which is Mr Lee Kwan Yew and his wife
Secondly, is our current Prime Minister - Mr Goh Chok Tong
and our 1st President of Singapore - Yusof bin Ishak
Along the way, met up with famous people around the world
Sport Stars
Our local celebrities 

Western Celebrities
Asean Star & Singer

I believe you recognize most of them. Hence, shall not further introduce to you.
Moving on...
We walk through area where it displays and show us the steps of how to make the wax figure

Do you want to own your personal wax hands?
It is available for single hand at $15 and both at $25.
Cute Merchandise for sales
Can you guess who are they?

 Images of Singapore

It is a live museum, thus photography is not allowed inside the premises
Passed by some traditional and vintage stuffs
 Do you know what are those?
 Yup, It is a traditional movie theater or TV box.
Secretly, I took some quick snaps inside the museum....

It is a live museum as there will be someone narrating along your way when you tour. 
Explaining the history behind all scene.
It is quite funny to listen to them and they really show their professional into role play.
Keep up the good job!