Surprise Proposal in Paris

Didn't notice or realise anything unusual except for his unusual shower in the morning and request to wear nice for photo taking at Eiffel Tower.
*He declared that to take a nice shot of us with Eiffel Tower.

Indeed, I didn't realise that he meant for the event in the evening.
After visiting Eiffel Tower, at the garden premises, I was attracted by a nice White Cinderella Carriage. Thus, I asked him to take a photo of it.

Thereafter, they have some conversation and it goes like this -
Rudy: Hi! Sir, you have a nice carriage. Do we have the pleasure to board on it?
Carriager: Hi! My Lord, you may but depends on who. What is your name my Lord?
Rudy: I'm Rudy
Carriager: and how about you Princess?
Me: I'm Michelle
Carriager: Hence, for both of you, Lord Rudy and Princess Michelle,
 you are granted to sit on the carriage.

I'm so shocked! In my mind, I thought ""
But the truth is...nope...
It wasn't free but was reserved before hand by Rudy.

He said that it was a nice and new way to enjoy night city tour in Paris.
so I didn't realise anything unusual....until....
at Pont Alexandre III bridge
Surprised! Rudy proposed to me here! both  of us were freezing as the weather was 3 degree.

When he nervously said " Will you marry me?
My answer is.....
Thanks honey for this wonderful and fairytaled theme proposal
Truely, I like it alot and also appreciate all your efforts and advance preparation.
Love You!
Indeed, I am a blessed women
At last, showing off my *bling bling*

Do enjoy the video clip - Rudy's proposal to Michelle