Beauty Corner - Faith in Face Mask

The No. 1 Hydrogel Mask brand in Korea has reached Singapore!

It is packaged so sweetly, modern and attractive! 
The whole packaging is my favorite color "Pink" and come in 5 variants

Trying out After Shower Look Mask
Soothing & Moisturing

The price is definitely worth for an hydrogel mask 
Look at the mask, it is different from the normal mask I've used previously
 This is really good stuff!

How to use?
The mask comes into 2 pieces : Upper and Lower
1. Using the smooth side of the mask
2. Always place the upper piece first
3. then place the lower piece 

 Before                                                    After

I can feel and see that my face is glowing and more moist!
Feeling refreshed and good!

Black & White Film Star Mask
Flash Whitening

I am a easily tanned person. Hence, I need it more then anyone else

Focusing on the side
This whitening mask is really awesome.

Before                                                      After

It really brightened up my skin and lighten some of my pigments.

Nourish Me Mask
Vital Nourishing

Trying out this mask before going out

The result is good! my skin became radiant and nourished!
Before putting the mask, my skin look dull.

Before                                                      After

Ready to go out!
Looking great!

There are another two hyrogel mask that I have yet to try out

It is a very good product! shall buy and try it out

$14.50 for box of 3 sheets, exclusively available at Watsons
Do check it out and "like" Faith in Face facebook page.