Charity - House Improvement Project for Senior

U Heart - House Improvement Project
Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre

Group of volunteers

Team of "Kind Heart"
(of course I've named it myself)

Getting our equipment ready before proceed to the elderly units

House 1
(by Me, Katty, Jason, Yong Chun)

(Before Revamp)

Observation of Living Room

I have a short conversation with the uncle in mandarin

Here it goes:
 (Conversation translated to English)
Me: Wah Uncle, you like wall with 2 colors ar?so trendy!
Uncle: No lar, i don't like 2 colors on wall but 
because the previous volunteers have no time to paint the whole wall so it turn out like this.
Me: Aiyo, why like that... Don't worried Uncle!  We help you to paint nicely
(But in my heart : -.-", aiyo why the previous volunteers do the job like this? half- hearted )
Uncle: Don't need lar, Just paint half white will do
(the uncle kept insisting... Don't need) and by the way the new paint is in beige
Me: Ok uncle, Even we don't have time will help you paint and tidy up your house properly. 
Don't worried k!

Observation of Bedroom
Looks neat but...... Stuffy
and the mattress has bed bugs

Observation of Kitchen & Toilet
The place was messily neat, Hmm... how do I explain it...

Okie, Ready to work!

Task 1: Cleaning Toilet
(credit to Jason)
Scrubbing the toilet bowl from yellow to white
and Washing the floor. Good job Jason! 

Task 2: Wiping, Packing and Shifting shelves
(Credit to Yong Chun & Katty)
Cleaning every little corner and in detail, best volunteer ever had...
*Proud of you guys*

Task 3: Throwing Trash and Wiping Cooking Area
(Credit to myself)
Nurturing my PR skill and encourage uncle to throw away his "Unwanted" stuffs. From old newspapers to empty biscuit tins, it might be trash to us, but to them, they will prefer to keep it. When I want to throw away something, uncle will look at me unbearably. Hence, before I throw away anything, I will ask his permission.

Task 4: Conquer your fear, attack the bed bugs
(Credit to Yong chun & Jason)
This is a difficult and troublesome task,
The pest control came around 10 am to spray the insecticides to kill the bug within. 
Thereafter, we need to cordon ourselves from entering the bedroom and wait for 2 hrs before we can throw away the bed bugs infected mattress and pillows.
To prevent the bed bugs sticking to our skin and stuck our blood, 
Our heroes have to wear gear up with the given attire before contacting with the mattress.
Our bed bugs hero!
(They look like babies)

Task 5: Painting!
(Credit to everyone)

Artist for a day!
Look like everyone is enjoying the painting job!

Due to time constraint,
We require help at House 1, as there're still some chores  and painting undone.
Our team from House 2 came to assist
Hence, within 6 hrs, we completed all the task.
Indeed, lots of sweating and cleaning. *body aching*
But still enjoyable...

House 2
(by Rudy, Damien, Tabitha, Shufen, Sisca)
Observation of
Living Room

Kitchen & Toilet
I heard from them that the house was in well maintain and newly revamp condition.
They believe that the uncle just want them to do some house chores, and overlay or touch up the wall paint.

Tabitha enjoying herself while doing the touch up
About 2 hours later, they completed the job,
so House 2 team came to House 1 to continue assist us with other task.
Wow!! Team Spirit!
After the all the sweating and effort for whole day
Here is it!
~~Ta Ta~~
Living room is no longer in 2 tones, It looks brighter now!
We also help uncle to place the food/snacks nicely inside containers
Kitchen & Toilet is now neatly packed and the wall is nicely painted
The stove storage below
(Credit to Jason, Katty and Me)
From greasy and oily surface, we try our very best to polish until it is shiny.
feeling accomplished!

The organization have also provide new mattress for uncle
so we assist to replace it and shift the bed frame nicely for his easy access.
Nevertheless, this is what we can help him. Showing our care, concern and making a difference in little way.
Uncle reward us by singing his favorite songs. Hence, we have a KTV session with that uncle
listening to his singing.

*Do join us if you are interested to volunteer yourselves.