Cycle from East Coast to Garden By the Bay

Cycling Trip
East coast park(ECP) to Garden by the bay(GBTB)

After so long... here...I am back to cycle at East Coast
Most of the places have changed or demolished

Upon hopping up the cab from home to ECP, the taxi uncle asked which car park do I want to alight.
I said: " at the MacDonald, near the bowling center"
Taxi uncle replied: " the place is under renovation and the nearest Mac is near big splash"

Oh gosh, Malu (awkward)!
So long didn't visit East Coast Park... sound like a mountain turtle ( Not up to date)...

So I told the uncle to alight me at the burger king instead...Thank God ... still there.
Otherwise, It makes me sound like a foreigner that don't know my place

Finally, I met my friends, they too, lost of way...

Bicycle renting

Rented a bike for 6 hours - $26/pax (damn expensive) at Cycle Max
(we bought 2 hours free 1 hour weekend package at $13 x 2 sets = $26)

We also checked the other rental shops, almost the same price.
There is another smaller size type of bike which is cheaper at $10 for 3hrs

Getting Started
My friend all ready for the ride

Let's go...

After 45 mins ride through the park connector...
( If you ride faster, 30 mins you can reach East side of GBTB)

Fantastic scenery of Marina Bay Sand, GBTB dome & Singapore Flyer!

 East Garden By the Bay

Passing by the Marina Barrage bridge connector

Resting stop at Satay by the Bay

High Tea in Hawker

After 1 hour resting....

Let's explore and go back to East Coast Park Hawker for Dinner

Ready 1, 2, 3...lets go!

Makan Time

We had an early dinner as we've cycled too fast ... fats burnt! 
That's why... hungry easily...haha

looks delicious

Home Sweet Home!!