Charity - House Improvement Project for Elderly

U Heart - House Improvement Project
Lions Befrienders (Bendemeer) Senior Activityy Centre

Project Refresh Team!
Hui Ting, Jiemei, Bridget, Me, Tan Kiat, Katty, Yong Chuan, Rudy, Jason & Damien

ready to start work, tools on standby

Let's get started!

Kitchen Area
Jiemei is so focus and serious about her cleaning role, while at another corner with Hui Ting, she seems to be enjoying herself while wiping the shelve.

Bridget looks professional when comes to cleaning... Nice! You are hired!

Found Tan Kiat washing toilet with this un-explainable expression...??...

Living Room Area

Damien, Katty, Yong Chuan and Jason enjoying themselves with this artistic job


I am shifting the fridge so that our team can pain the wall behind

As we have 9 people in one unit, our work is almost done by lunch time.
Hence, we help Uncle to arrange his belonging and tidy up the place a little

the cooking stove before and after



Whole kitchen is clean

the room is brighter
took photo with the Uncle

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