Phuket Trip - Phuket Town - Upsidedown

Initially, we're planning to go for snorkeling trip during our Day 2, but due to bad weather. our plan was cancelled. Therefore, we proceed with alternative.

We've decided to visit Phuket Town instead
for Foods hunt, Cafes explore, Iconic History building check-in...etc

How to go to Phuket Town from Patong beach!
(30 mins away from patong beach)

Tuk Tuk/Taxi Fare: 600baht 
Grab Taxi Fare: 470baht + 50baht admin charge
Car rental rate: 1500baht/day
Bike rental rate: 200-300 baht/day

Alternative, you may ride on to the shuttle bus along patong beach. Do visit the below link
However, by bus, it will took you an hour of travelling time and 20-30 mins of waiting time to arrive to location.

*Take Note: if you are considering riding a motorbike, kindly don't!
On the way over, there is a S-turn hill slopes, Indeed, It is not very safe to ride a bike and especially during raining season. 

Here we are at Phuket Town!
It is a town that is filled with historical architecture
I felt that I am back to the 1980s 

It's Lunch Time!

We want to try some local delicacies, hence, we saw good recommendation from Tripadvisor that Lock Tien Food Court have cheap and localized Phuket food 


I have ordered Mee Nan Tom Yam Noodle, and it was indeed delicious, 
but the portion is not very big, so do prepare to order a few more bowls if you are big eater.

After lunch, we decided to explore nice cafes since it is still raining

We've found some nice cafes along the street.

Coffee Station

Gallery Cafe


a.k.a Baan Teelanka is open daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
It consists of 2 main activities that you can play for at least half a day.
Upside down house: Adult 350 Baht, Kids 190 Baht (4 to 11 years old)
The Maze: Adult 170 Baht, Kids 120 Baht (4 to 11 years old)

There's other activities as well, such as:

Live room escape, Tuk Tuk adventure and 3D virtual cinemas
(do click the link for more info)

The Maze @ Tree House

The Maze is located beside the upside down house, As it is drizzling and the place is for outdoor activity. hence, we didn't go for it 

However, it seems to be nice raining around, especially for kids

Upside Down House

Welcome to the world of anti-gravity!
*Rudy saw a bra on the floor

What happened when Rudy was hungry while waited too long for my cooking...

Practicing diving

when we saw a something on the floor

Spider man and spider women on the wall


enjoying our wonderful time

Just outside of upside down house, there is a 3D art street

Round 1! Fight!

*Take note, It will be best to arrange with your taxi/tuk tuk driver who bought you over to fetch you back later again. As it was not easy to flap for a taxi here. 
There is free wifi in the premises but was very slow and always disconnected. hence, we are not able to access to our Grab App in our mobile. Thus, we asked the counter lady to help us contact the taxi driver who bought us here to pick us up again.