Things you need to know before going on Genting Dream Cruise

3 Days 2 Nights Dream Cruise to Port Klang

As it is our first time on Genting Dream Cruise, my colleague kept reminding me of what we should do and not on the cruise. Hence, would like to share with all of you.

Things to take note before going on Genting Cruise

1. Check-in 3 days in Advance.

Thank God that I've check-in earlier at Genting Center ( near Tanjong Pagar mrt ) 3 days before my departure date. You will receive your boarding pass and room number right away once you check-in, it is the same at the cruise center counter. However, they only open on weekday during office hour, so you will need to make a trip down. Even so, I felt that it is hassle-free as you do not need to queue and wait at the cruise centre on actual departure day. I was shocked when I've reached the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. The queue for check-in and exchanging boarding pass is horrible. 

Photo credit to Straits Time - Delay on Boarding Pass 

2. Be There Earlier Before 5pm

The gate to cruise open around 5pm, you can see the waiting area is already crowded with people at 2.30pm. Hence, if there is any elderly or children coming along the trip, do come early.

~~ Here we sail ~~
Bye Singapore, see you in 2 days time
Night view at the pool deck

3. Expect Queuing at the Restaurant

Everybody have 3 meals a day on the tag card.
You can choose any of your preferred restaurant but can only use once at each time.

It's Dinner Time! 
Our first meal on cruise.

Once we finished the food, the restaurant began to get crowded at around 7pm.
Thank God that we came earlier at 6pm.

4. Book the Theater Show ticket as early as possible

Before you say I am " Kiasu " ( aka Everything must grab first)
You will see a lot of people at the theater counter booking their ticket before me.
There are 2 performances each night so just book both at the counter to avoid full house. 
Western Show for first night
Chinese Show for second night

After the show, we went back to the room to rest.
This is our Balcony Deluxe room

Day 2
Good Morning!

My mum looks so happy on cruise

Breakfast Time!

5.Visit Port Klang or Not?

If you are thinking about touring around Port Klang, you can visit the town as soon as the cruise touches the land. But do keep in mind that it is approximately 1 hour away from Port Klang cruise center to the nearest town. The cruise will land at Port Klang around 10am and depart at 9pm in the evening.

As for us, my mum and aunt would like to stay on board to enjoy the facilities and activities.

6. Remember to bring your Sport Shoes

You will need to wear sport shoes to play the obstacle rope course and rock climbing.
Unfortunately, we did not bring ours so we have to forgo the 2 exciting activities on board.

There are also a few other friendly activities for young and old.
(Which you do not need to wear sport shoe)
You will need to refer to the time schedule for each acitivites

A. Mini Golf  Course

B. Archery

C. Giant Chess

D. Rope course at ground level only

E. Jumbo Jenga

F. Swimming
Initially, we want to go to the pool in the morning but It was so crowded with people. Hence, we have no choice but to come back later in the noon time. All the people left when comes to noon, and yes! It is super hot! 

G. Table Tennis

H. Meet the Character

I. Movie screening at night only

J. Live Music around the Casino

Machine to catch $

K. Visit the observation desk for scenery

Final day on cruise