Guang Zhou Stations to Eat Shop Play

First thoughts in my mind about Guang Zhou,

 Is anything at this country?

Never knew that China had changed so much and It is even more high tech than Singapore.

Please take note if you are planning a trip to China, Guang Zhou

1. Download "WeChat App", why? 
Most of the places or restaurants in China don't accept cash anymore, instead, all is well-equipped with WeChat/Alipay even in wet market. 
(You will need to open a China bank in order to transfer e-cash on the app wallet)

I was trying to get a desserts in the famous restaurant but was rejected and ignored by the staffs as I want to pay using cash. I tried to persuade the staff to help as I am a tourist, but they insisted no cash.  
To avoid disappointment, do set up your app before your trip.

2. Language
Even though, I speaks mandarin but I can't understand most of their conversation. It was when I tried to decipher and listen carefully. I realised that their mandarin involves cantonese (dialect).
If you are a canto-speaker, it has no issue with that.

Eat Shop Play Streets in Guang Zhou

1. Beijing Road
(Gong Yuan Qian or Beijing Road Station)

Tee mall retail price is comparative with SG shopping malls, I went to the underground shopping street instead. The underground shopping is connected to Gong Yuan Qian subway station 
(before exit to Beijing street)

You can find cheaper and more fashionable clothes at the below connected underground shopping street - Comic City and May Flower Plaza.

Thereafter, filled our stomach with delicious street foods and bubble tea.

Mango smoothies and mutton stew sticks

Smelly beancurd - taste so good!

Hey Tea fruit tea and strawberry pastries *highly recommended!

2. Shang Xia Jiu Street
(ChangShou Road Station)

 It is a very long street and retail shops around are more reasonable price compares to Beijing street.
Clothes at RMB29 = SGD6

Eat and Eat and Eat
Too much to try and little space in my stomach

Grilled Squids and Answer Bubble Tea

Steamed Oysters ~ Yummy!

3. Fashion Wholesale Malls
(Guang Zhou Railway Station)

1. Tian Ma International Fashion Wholesales Center
- Tian Ma Ladies Street ~

Wholesale market that doesn't entertain ordinary shoppers. Very crowded and not worth going.
Most buyer went to order bulk purchases from the stores. The opening price of one T-shirt is around RMB100 = SGD20. *Shocked* 
You can get some items or clothes at the ladies street but It wasn't cheap too. Moreover, the China seller does not like customers to negotiate the price with them. Thus, it is better don't waste your time there.

2. Bai Ma Costume Market
The clothes were slightly reasonable compares to Tian Ma, however, it is not the latest design.
This mall is more friendly as they stated the price upfront for customer.

3. Xijiao Shopping Mall
As you can see on the photo, your mum might in love with this place since most stores selling something suitable for them.

4. Fangyuan Fashionista Mall

The design of this mall is more modern and fashionable, suitable for youngest compares to the rest of the mall. Unfortunately, only a few stores entertain ordinary shoppers like us but the price is ... 
(refer to the above photo) 
Most buyer went to order bulk purchases at most of the stores which is similar with Tian Ma.

4. Tianhe Festival Walk or Tin Ho Festival Walk
(Tiyu West Road Station)

It is a huge underground mall at Tianhe district surround by a cluster of shopping malls such as Tee Mall, Victory Plaza and Grandbuy.
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Spend half a day over at this mall but we couldn't complete. It is too huge and there were too many cafes and entertainment for us to try. Advise to shop and chill over her whole day as the mall is really big.

we played the VR game which cost us SGD $7.50/pax ( Compares to SG, one game is $45/pax ), the price was so reasonable that we can't resist it.  
Team up with local people to complete the quest.

Free photo taking and downloading WeChat.

5. Jiangnan Wedding Dress Street
(The 2nd Workers' Cultural Palace Station)

If you are getting married soon, this is the place to check it out. A whole neighbourhood of shops offering dresses for as low as RMB600, and a great place to pick up affordable tuxedos for Groom, dresses for bridesmaid and other nuptial accessories that you may need for your big day. If you are willing to top a little more, you can even get the gown or dress tailored to fit you, and this could even include free local shipping back to your hotel ( In Guang Zhou ). Hence, if you will love to tailor made one, do visit the place on first day of your trip so that there are sufficient time to do the gown. (Est 5 days or even lesser depends on the complication of the gown design)