Theme Park in Indonesia - The Village Purwokerto

Attractions in Purwokerto

The Village
Interesting park with varies kind of activities available!! 
Check it out!

1. Backdrop Museum

Insta-worthy place with lots of cute back drops and props for you to take photo.

2. Themed Playground
The village is an European-style park with diversity of themed playground as well, with lots of kids-friendly playgrounds to unleash their energy. Haha!

1. Boat Paddle

Have a nice stroll along the small lake in the park, you may also choose to paddle a boat along the lake

Having fun with our paddling challenge.. haha

4. Feeding of flying animals 

We spend full day in here and still not yet complete the park. 
Hence, you may want to split your days to come over as there are quite a few of activities that are suitable for both adult and kids.