Renee's Birthday(KTV party world)

In the morning,i met renee for Church service at city harvest.she's late n i stood down there blurly for her,hmmm!when she reached,we quickly hurry down to church in no seconds.By the time we reach,the service started.we sitted at the back of the studio near the stairs.

After the service,we cant gethered our cell group people for fellowship as i need to go to my grangma house n get Renee's present to the Ktv 1st,she didnt know that we bought her present and some more is her fav. "Winnie e Pooh" bear.She accompanied me taking MRT,she also need to go home and have lunch with her family.Lucky on the way,i didnt let her know about our surprise present for her.
When i reach home the 1st thing to do is to ask my god bro-steven for help.Needed someone to carry the pooh to the ktv and buy cake.MIssion completed!!

At around 6pm we met steven at ktv,then jian ming n so on...arron n renee frd's jaq!surprising n stupidly renee this little bday gal was been sabo!!not by physically but mentally n emotionly.Grace,yongxin,nick,steven,ronald in a group sms renee that they not coming to her bday-lame reason"we all tired"(sabo her one lar)but she didnt know...haha!Dunno why out of sudden i saw both her eyes in 'red' going to cry out soon.too depressing,i think! I was being bluff also by them...hai...they also wanna sabo me....hai..haha....(poor me).when i saw renee like this i call nick n ask but he didnt pick up my phone.suddenly at the ktv door outside i saw nick*dragon ball hair*haha then went up...n saw 'them' .All upstair saboing renee...

When we begun to go in the ktv room,Renee suddenly came out of the room,they quickly hid themselve up ...n better still she went inside the ladies...tat that time we took our present n cake all get inside the room n wait for her to give surprises!!! I delay the time n went inside ladies to accompany renee,told her not to be sad or depressing.Told her to cry out better if she sad...and she really did...i dunno wanna laugh or to cry...(act blur blur)haha...

When everything goes bad n smoothly again,when she open the ktv door n saw them n her lovely presents inside...she got stun n blur????n she got soso so so HAPPY n enjoy herself alot at the KTV party.."It's not the ktv alone tat makes her happy is the people tat came to celebrate for her bday tats makes her so enjoyable!!"