Valentine's day @ Esplanade

St. valentine's day is a special day for "lover dovey" to spare the appreciation time for each other. Noon time, i hardly get myself up or go out, bcos my bf(stan) need to go NS and around evening time he will release from work(no point going out alone on that day).Therefore we spend our evening time together at Marina Square and have our dinner there,it's quite romantic as we both wore the same clothes aka "couple clothes"haa...shy...!both of us saw some couples wore the same design but different colour clothes as us...stupid and funny manufactory!!After we ate,we went Esplande to stroll,as we entered to the roof-top,we saw all in two and aparted from the rest of the other couples...we intended to find some where to sit but to our vision ,it's full of couple and inconvient to get near them,so we sit on the floor. to my surprise,stan actually bought some funny light stick to play and we formed quite alot of animals,our friend's name and our LOVE messages...heee!!!what a wonderful Valentine with him and illutration of ourselve only.