~Stan went Thailand~10 jun 06

Friday,it was a Busy day for Me & stan(my dear) as he will be flying off to Thailand (NSF posting) the next day for a 7 months duration,alas,his BiBle study haven't completed for nearly a few month & also due to the imperative oversea posting given,he'd to complete his 7 Bible study's lesson in a day with YongXin,Grace & Jeryn.As for me,after my Bible study(BS) lesson (also hold on at the same day & location with stan),i met up with Stan & went together for Cell group meeting which was allocated at my hougang house.Ultimately,meeting ended,Stan had a last chapter on BS with Jeryn.At around 12am,His BS finally completed.We took a Taxi head down to his home,exhausted and enervated with such a tight schedule & fallen asleep when i saw his bed.:PThe time is 1.30am.

We woke up at 4am the next early morning,slept only 3 & a half hours,dizzying around,we both dressed up & preparing his way to Changi Airport terminal 1,the check-in must be done before 7.30am.We(me and his family's members) reached the airport at 6am,eating our breakfast then he check-in.The plane flight at 8.15am sharp ,but, around 7.35am,he boarded the plane already.Minghwee,YueRong,ChengYong and YongXin came to send his plane,All of Us,having an insomaic's looks went home Sleep againZzzzz.After Everything,What a release!Having the Faith of peacefulness feeling from God,that He will protect stan whenever he is.